A copy drawing of Angel by Tracey J Boothe


When I finished writing my children's book

The Angel's Smile, I wanted pictures to tell the story and bring the book to life visually as I can draw somewhat, particularly copy drawing, say from an animation or comic.

Angel wearing a suit and a fedora hat by C. Morgan


However, I needed a professional to create a character, in this case, a boy called Angel and several pictures without me having to teach myself watching endless Youtube videos, etc. I also wanted someone I could trust so, I asked around.

Copy drawing of Devon Rex Cat by Tracey J Boothe


Devon Rex Cat up in a tree ready to catch bumble bees and tiny fleas by C. Morgan


This is when my fabulous and talented artist,      

C. Morgan, through a friend, of a friend, who for a fee naturally painted my dream and made it... 

a reality!

The Angel's Smile


Thank you C. Morgan