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The Angel's Smile


The Angel's Smile 😊 encouraging children to speak up and to build self-esteem

This children's book is a rhyming book and gives an insight into school life.  Some children have low self-esteem, find it difficult to express, to socialise & communicate.

A boy called Angel gets through the days, although he doesn't have any friends.  He makes the most of it by using his imagination & his loyal companion Devon Rex cat.

A time comes when his life changes, friends he gets and more!

The Angel's Smile is an educational book with interaction pages which are questions to improve memory, rhyming skills, & to encourage open discussions about feelings & friendships.

This is the kind of book teachers use in PSHE (Physical, Social and Health, Education) which helps children to form positive friendships, relationships and morals to manage their lives, now and in the future.

This book is for a child, a parent, teacher or other adult.

A positive song is included to help children feel happy & to smile!

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The Angel's Smile!

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