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About Us

Empowering Children

to validate their experiences, provide them with opportunities to express their ideas, and to develop life skills and interpersonal skills.

Children's Books

to enhance their reading skills and promote interaction, social-emotional development, and language and literacy skills.

providing parents, teachers, and other adults resources to have open discussions with children enhancing their personal development.


  • to provide a service using interactive children's books and Storytelling workshops.

  • help children to become aware of their own goals, make plans, and to review their own progress and successes. 

  • share author and self-publishing experiences.

A Voice for Children Workshop


10 minutes

  • reading a rhyming children's book called The Angel's Smile.

10 minutes

  • asking questions about the book to help memory and rhyming skills.

10 minutes

  • singing a fun positive song to help you smile!


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