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Knee deep in london

This is a story based around underground London and one man’s struggle to correct his wrongs.  He’s in debt to some unsavoury characters and to pay it he commits some unsavoury acts which cause a domino effect and invites a lot of bad characters into his life.

He finds himself on the run teaming up with an unlikely partner; a girl who suffers from drug addiction.  Together they embark on a dangerous journey finding themselves in the grimiest places where deceit and betrayal are always close by. 

Like walking in quicksand: the more they try to eradicate problems, the deeper they sink finding themselves Knee Deep in London.

‘Shoot for the moon even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars’ Les Brown

Drug use, violence, harsh launguage, adult content, humorous, funny, london, big ben, london eye,


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